Paging Systems using Audio over IP

2n audio over ip lan network

Public Address Systems using Audio-over-IP

Use your existing network: connect speakers to your network for general paging, emergency broadcasts, Informacast, advertising or announcements. 

Distribute: over LAN, WAN or web, distribute high quality sound, bell, voice paging, advertising or music from another IP-connected device.

Connect: Internet radio, VOIP and SIP phones, IP phones and trigger pre-recorded announcements through your PA system from an alarm activation, a press-button, or PIR.

Ideal for:

• Any situation where cabling is a problem
• Schools - for paging, emergency, lockdown and bell systems
• Large complexes, commercial and industrial premises
• Retail music and shopping centres, conference venues
• Informacast enabled speakers and message broadcast

Real Time Audio Streaming with no latency -  Remote Control of Switches - IP Relay control - Multicast  - two-way intercom interface option.

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BLS 2 LITE MkII. Audio over IP SENDER- Blueline

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BLS2 Lite is a 1 stereo channel audio over IP sender (streamer). Due to its modular features it can ...

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BLR 2 LITE MkII. Audio over IP RECEIVER - Blueline

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BLR2 LITE is a 1 stereo channel audio over IP receiver. Due to its modular features it can be placed...

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BLR 2A+. Audio over IP RECEIVER/2 GPIO, amplifier

Product Code: 82BLD130

BLR2 A PLUS is a 1 stereo channel audio over IP receiver with 1 amplified stereo output. The unit...

$695.00 (GST Excl.)