Bespoke Streaming Package for Mazda 13-Oct-2020 Edwards

Bespoke Streaming Package for Mazda

Future proofing training provision

Training before COVID19

Mazda operates an internal certification scheme for dealerships across the country. Usually technicians would be flown to Auckland and attend a face-to-face training programme, delivered in a variety of formats including classroom-based session, practical workshops and interactive online quizzes. Due to COVID19, the subsequent lockdowns and the potential for future disruption, the Mazda training centre required an alternative means of delivery and set out to source a streaming solution to meet their requirements.

Finding a solution

Steve McAneney, Learning & Development Manager, explains, “I started to research Zoom, Teams, all the different platforms but quickly realised that I needed to talk to experts.” Steve, an amateur musician in his spare time, knew of Edwards’ long history and established reputation in the audio-visual sector and gave them a call, “Edwards’ response stood out from other companies that I approached. Harry, the Technical Manager, listened to what I needed and focused on finding the right solution, rather than just trying to send me a quote. We bounced ideas around and they put a bespoke package together comprising all the physical equipment.”

Edwards recommended using a Roland VR-1HD deck that combines multiple cameras and microphones for a pro-style live broadcast, “It is easy to use and caters for all the different delivery formats. We can capture multiple angles in the classroom environment. For workshops we can mix live shots of myself, a live feed of the car and screenshots of the diagnostic computer.” The VR-1HD can manage up to three cameras on the fly, allowing Steve to put out professional-looking, multicamera live broadcasts that look as engaging as video that’s been edited and refined due to the addition of clever transitions and multiple camera angles.

Pressing 'Go' - with back up

Whilst Steve is intending to manage the live stream himself, he acknowledges that support in the early days is critical, “The best part of working with Edwards was that they got it all up and running for us, even during alert level 2. Shae was very professional, wearing a mask and keeping appropriate social distancing. We wanted a large TV screen included in the live stream loop to broadcast the feed onsite and he sorted that for us, no problem.”

Edwards also came out to support Steve the first time that he used it, to live stream a press launch:

“Vi, the technician, was very thorough. He came out the night before to check everything and was there first thing, staying for most of the day. The event went very well and now I feel really comfortable operating the system myself, both for future launches and for live streaming the training.”

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