Coronavirus COVID-19 Advice & Support 17-Mar-2020 Edwards

Coronavirus COVID-19 Advice & Support

Staying Connected - in-person, remotely or go hybrid (a combination)

We are compiling advice and guidance from an audio-visual perspective to support our customers: businesses, venues, event organisers, training companies, schools, churches and community groups.

Technology and audio-video solutions can help minimise the impact of self-isolation and social distancing on day-to-day operations. This content will consistently be updated to reflect government recommendations.

Advice for Businesses: streaming, rescue packages and hygiene around technology

Event Organisers & Venues: virtual events, more rescue packages and keeping delegates safe

Schools, Colleges & Training Providers: stream assemblies, classes and keep students germ free

Churches, Places of Worship: stay connected with your congregations


Staying Safe 


Antari Air Disinfectant Machines - for hire or to buy

As New Zealand's distributor for Antari, we are now importing Antari Air Disinfectant Machines to support the campaign to stamp out COVID-19.

The fog disinfection process involves fogging the entire space with the a proven anit-viral disinfectant to provide proper disinfection of surface areas, touch-points, and equipment, which means it is highly effective for antiviral infection control in halls, homes, businesses, and sensitive spaces such as hospitals and healthcare locations, retail showrooms, waiting rooms, rest homes, trains and carriages and reception areas etc.

Read more or contact us for further information.

We have also put together a set of guidelines you may wish to implement to keep your employees and clients safe around technology such as microphones and other high contact services. Read more.


Keeping our clients and staff safe

We are also taking precautionary measures to reduce the risk of our staff contracting the virus and we are sharing information to help others using audio-visual equipment to do the same. 

Edwards has been keeping events safe since 1965: Read and share our guidelines.


Please contact our team for any advice on how technology can help you, or how to reduce any risks it may pose to your staff or business.

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