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Hire for Hunger - June 2016

More than 800 million people in the world today are hungry and millions more live below the poverty line and can’t buy food.  Every day 20,000 people die from hunger. 
20,000 people.  
That’s a huge number, almost 2 Vector Arenas full!  And we aren’t talking about famine either – that’s a different number. These are people who simply do not have enough food to eat to sustain their lives. They are the poorest of the poor – the forgotten. 
Edwards Sound Systems wants to play a part in changing this statistic and do some good for the world we live in. In our search to make a difference we have come across a non-profit organisation that reflects our values and is doing incredible work to encourage people living in hunger to take charge of their futures. They aren’t an organisation that gives handouts – they prefer to empower people living in poverty and hunger to change their own circumstances through a variety of programmes including education, microfinance and healthcare.  At its core, The Hunger Project believes that people are capable of incredible transformation if they are just given the opportunity and what’s really incredible is to read the stories of it working. 
Another key attraction for us is that The Hunger Project is also an organisation with really low overheads and as a result, over 80% of money invested with them goes directly into programmes for people who need it the most.  
To support The Hunger Project from here in New Zealand, we are launching a programme called Hire for Hunger. During the month of June any time you hire from Edwards Sound, whether it’s a corporate event, big gig or a party in your garage, a portion of your equipment hire cost will be invested in The Hunger Project. We’ll all be doing something great to have an impact on that 20,000. 
You will hear a lot more about The Hunger Project in the coming weeks – but we encourage you to check them out.
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