How to extend a Portable PA System 01-Jan-0001 Edwards

How to set up your extended PA System

Above we provide examples of the different ways that you can extend two of our PA Systems.

Challenger 1000 System and Stage Pro System

You can use a matching Challenger Slave or a standard "passive" 8 or 4ohm speaker.

The slave has the same powerful amplifier and batteries built in as the main Challenger or StagePro unit, can operate for extended periods from the built in batteries or mains power, so you double your amplifier power and your coverage! You can add as many wireless extension speakers as you need.  If each slave speaker is within 80 metres of the Master unit they only require one receiver fitted in each, or if further than 80 metres a repeater transmitter is needed in each slave speaker as well (but not the last one in the chain).

Each active master and slave unit has a speaker output provided so you can also connect another 80 ohm speaker (or pair of horns) to each unit for even greater local coverage.


For more information on extending your PA system - see our webpage or download a pdf

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