Into the Underworld Exhibition

Edwards Hire have thoroughly enjoyed playing their part in bringing to life the caves that exist unbeknown to most under the city of Auckland. Created by lava flows from the city’s fifty volcanos, Chirag Jindal, digital artist has worked alongside speleologist Peter Crossley to create an exhibition at Silo 6, on the Wynyard Quarter, Auckland.

Edwards have provided and hung the three data projectors required to display the 3D imagery captured over the last two years by Chirag using a 3D scanner. Chirag went out to “almost every AV hire specialist in Auckland” but found that many were unwilling to look at the project due to the limited budget that comes with an outfit operating independently of any recognised art institution trying to raise awareness of some incredible landscapes. “However, Edwards stood out from the rest. They were inquisitive, they wanted to know what we were trying to achieve and wanted to make sure that we were using the right gear,” recalls Chirag. “They got the job because of their level of engagement from the very beginning. And as we developed the project, we changed our minds a couple of times about what we wanted and still Edwards were very accommodating,”

“The installation was challenging and Edwards did a great job. Plus when we hit a snag that was nothing to do with Edwards, they were very willing to help.” Chirag explains, “The day after the data projectors had been hung, the building manager pointed out that one of the screens was blocking a fire exit. We let Edwards know and they came back within two hours, which we thought was an incredible level of service.”

The commitment from Edwards to the project continued, “Even after the exhibition opened when we wanted to adjust the image slightly but couldn’t work out how to access the right menu, Brit, our Account Manager, got back to us straight away and had someone who was in the area drop in to help us out, and at no charge.”

Chirag sums up, “I’d absolutely recommend them. Edwards were amazing from the start.”

Into the Underworld Exhibition – Silo 6, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland until 24 Dec 2017. There are plans for the exhibition to tour Auckland, the country and overseas. Sign up to their Facebook page for updates.

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