Livestreaming at your Wedding 19-Jun-2020 Edwards

Livestreaming at your Wedding

Edwards recently attended a virtual open day at Kumeu Valley Estate, Auckland. We talked about how easy it is to livestream to remote guests, or to involve them in the day via one of the many video conferencing platforms we have all become so familiar with recently. Edwards have been connecting guests and couples for as long as streaming has been around!

Watch the video below or here's a summary of our Account Manager Jenny's key points:

  • Easy to do: we send a link to the guests and they click on the link and join. We offer the option of having a test run for the peace of mind of all parties.
  • Very little equipment required: the remote guests simply need a laptop or a phone - and an internet connection, or we can set up a static camera in the room, for example to just record the bridge and groom, or we can connect to the videographer's camera, allowing the remote guests to feel part of the entire event.
  • As many remote guests as you wish: our technician can select just the person who is speaking to be onscreen, or as many of the remote guests as you wish can appear, just like a zoom party, or we can switch. The feed to the remote audience will chop and change too, from the venue to whoever is speaking online.
  • As many locations as you wish: we can move the camera from outside, to inside the venue, even to the dance floor as that the remote guests can join in for a boogie.
  • And chat away one-to-one too: the remote guest can be a real part of the wedding day - we simply connect a mic and people at the wedding can wonder over and have a chat with the remote guests too.

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Jenny talking about livestreaming at Kumeu Valley Estate:

With thanks to Kumeu Valley Estate and Perspectives

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