Meet our Retail Services Manager 06-Jul-2020 Edwards

Meet our Retail Services Manager

Meet the Team: Rob Sadd, Retail Services Manager


Rob has been with Edwards since 2012 in both technical & account management roles & holds a Tertiary Diploma in Audio Engineering from SAE.  His spare time is spent exploring/enjoying the outdoors & making/performing music on many an instrument.


Rob or Robert?

Definitely Rob. Robert is my grandfather (although even he goes by Bob)


If you could write your own job title that best describes what you do around here, what would it be?

You could say General Dogs Body! But seriously I’ve worked in so many different roles while at Edwards and I’ve sort of morphed into an amalgamation of roles. Specifically, key account management, supporting tradeshows and managing the retail environment.  I quite like Director of First Impressions ??


What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My alarm clock?!  Nah, I’m pretty lucky to work in an industry that I trained in and love.  It’s been great to see the technological advancements over the years and working with clients to come up with the newest and greatest things. Like the evolving complexity of major trade shows.  Or when we put a hologram screen up in front of a DJ.  But in saying that, it’s just as enjoyable to have a happy customer just hiring a PA for a weekend party.  It’s nice to know we’ve helped in some way.


What were you doing on this day 10 years ago?

Would have been the day after my 20th birthday so probably very hungover!  I’d just finished studying at SAE, graduating with a Diploma in Audio Engineering.


I was a home theatre addict.  Selling home theatre was actually my first job working with sound.  It’s something I’ve brought into working at Edwards.  I love creating setups for our shop hire customers – figuring out how they can set it up themselves but still get a mean system.


What was pre-Edwards Rob like?

A bogan.  Now I’m a classier bogan. 


Fav memory of your time at Edwards so far?

Tough one but it would have to be when we were installing a massive truss rig for a job back when I was a technician. We were all swinging spanners tightening up the bolts and Chris puts on “We Built This City” by Starship over the PA, felt like we were transported straight into a movie montage


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

My life revolves around music and the outdoors.  I play guitar, bass and sing. Pretty eclectic music base – Lynyrd Skynyrd, Silverstein and the Misfits.  But I dig country music as well.  I love hunting and I’m secretary of the Rodney Off Road Club.  Fav places to hunt are Pureora and the Kaimanawa’s.


What makes you smile?

My family.  And my colleagues.  I’ve worked at Edwards for 8 years and we are like a family round here.  Definitely get on each other’s nerves at times but everyone’s got each other’s backs.

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