Video Conferencing – Sound Matters Most 17-Apr-2020 Edwards

Video Conferencing – Sound Matters Most

Video Conferencing – Sound Matters Most

Leading a team meeting over Zoom or Teams or some other software? Yes, it is a good idea to get dressed, check your backdrop for incriminating evidence, and turn your lights on or open your curtains.

The most important thing though, is that you can hear everyone and they can hear you, clearly and consistently. Laptop microphones have come a long way in recent years, but the speakers and mics still leave room for improvement.

Headsets with a mic are a must for video conferencing, especially when working from home. Here’s why:

  • The number 1 benefit is eliminating the background noise. You’ve put the dog out. You’ve blackmailed the kids. Then the heavens open and all anyone can hear is the rain.
  • You lean back to deliver your well-rehearsed suggestion, and everyone misses your big moment because you are too far away from the mic.
  • You could barely hear one of your colleagues when face-to-face, now you’ve got a headache craning to hear what they are on about…
  • You want to look professional even if you’ve got your slippers on.

Enjoy a wireless headset. Avoid annoying all your colleagues with your howling dog, be assured that everyone can hear your words of wisdom, enjoy the freedom to sit back and relax and don’t miss a word.  

And as a bonus, once the meeting is over you can still look busy to the rest of the family whilst you crank up the music or play Forge Of Empires.

Check out the Samson XPD2 Headset system, a cost effective solution for running a more professional webinar or online meeting, recording, and podcasting but also suitable for Live Performance, Music Education, Audio for Video, Gaming and VOIP.

Simple setup, quite decent full-range audio and about 30 mtrs of wireless range, the XPD2 Headset is perfect for video conferencing.

Note: stock arriving around 22nd April. Delivery options will depend on the lockdown situation and whether it is for an "essential service" etc.

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