(Picture shows PINK BLING which we do not stock) The original Aeromic brand Neoprene pouch belt with the angled HIPSTER style and Pink colour. High quality, stitched transmitter pouch belt with an angle so it sits on the hip for cycling or yoga trainers.
Pink "hipster style" belt for spin - cycling
The Aeromic Hipster Pouch Belt has been specifically designed for yoga instructors and cycling/spin instructors for maximum comfort, performance and transmitter connection life. A tough neoprene construction gives the belt long lasting, washable durability with no flaps, no Velcro and no studs. More importantly, the transmitter is held on your left hip with the angled pouch firing the cable behind your back reducing any 'tug on the plug', extending the life of all connections and making the on/off switch easier to get at. NB the picture is Pink bling, not plain Pink.

Aeromic Hipster (angled) mic belt for Cycling - Pink

  • Product Code: AM10HIP-P
  • U.O.M: ea
  • Price: $30.43 (GST Excl.)

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