Neoprene pouch belt in Lime Green Bling. High quality, stitched transmitter pouch belt. These suit most builds but we do have the Big boys version for the larger waist size, the AM15PB which is available in black only.

NEW!! Lime Green Bling Mic Belt with Aeromic logo

The Aeromic Pouch Mic Belts have been specifically designed to give the instructor maximum comfort, performance and life. A tough neoprene construction gives the belt long lasting, washable durability with no flaps, no Velcro and no studs. More importantly, the transmitter is held vertically reducing any 'tug on the plug', extending the life of all connections and the system itself.

Pouch belt - Aeromic Microphone belt 'Lime Green Bling'

  • Price: $42.61 (GST Excl.)

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