SIP-enabled IP speaker - page from your VOIP phones or take advantage of the 2N SIP Speaker for playback of live or pre-recorded and/ or Informacast announcements. Not only from an IP phone or SIP microphone console but when using an IP PBX, even from your mobile phone. The 2N® SIP Speaker offers a fully-featured audio system with SIP protocol support (that is VOIP). What’s more, it doesn’t need any additional hardware or software investment, e.g. a computer with supporting applications. It can also receive multicast and/or Informacast audio automatically for voice or music broadcast.
The new-generation speaker has a built-in 2N® SIP Audio Converter. This makes it easy to create different zones, in which a sound recording or spoken word can be played back. The system also has functionality for advanced planning. You can thus easily prepare a schedule of reporting, separately for each zone.
Installing 2N® SIP Speaker is also extraordinarily simple. It makes use of the existing infrastructure, so you only need to connect it to a LAN/WAN network. Thanks to IP technology, moreover, distance limitations and additional cabling needs are done away with. You will thus be able to hook up vast and remote areas.
Download the Brochure PDF here.
IP-addressable Loudspeaker for public address
High-quality audio anywhere on your LAN
Simple integration into VMS systems
Scheduled announcements
Automatic configuration and monitoring
Powerful built-in amplifier
Use of existing LAN/WAN network and PoE convenience
Reporting from Cisco devices (Informacast support)

2N® SIP Speaker, Wall Mounted, White

  • Product Code: 914421W

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