Use the revolutionary 2N Audio over IP decoders for audio distribution in schools, large industrial complexes, commercial premises, shops, restaurants etc. It not only allows you to effectively broadcast advertising messages and audio announcements, but also to play background music from any source. IP technology allows you to distribute digital or analogue audio from one central location to any remote destination or branch, and so you won't be limited to a source of music simply at the broadcasting location. The built-in relay can be activated via the scheduling software to trigger a 3'rd party device such as a bell system, or flashing light to coincide with an audio broadcast for example.

The Lite has audio line output and a relay for NO/NC operation with audio stream only (not an amplifier built in and no PoE)

The Net audio decoder Audio-over-IP System from 2N provides voice / music / audio distribution over the internet or via LAN / WAN connections. Controlled via a PC-based Central Management Software tool (available for FREE Download*), the 2N NetSpeaker System allows the user to stream music, recorded voice announcements, tones, jingles and promotions or live paging announcements to any on-site zone, remote site or multiple zones/sites via a standard web, LAN or WAN connection.

The 914013E Model is the Lite Decoder ‘End Point’ –the signal-over-IP Receiver / Interface, which is located at the audio system output point(s), and is connected to an additional power amplifier or active speakers. Using audio-over-IP technology to allow hugely flexible multi-zone / multi-site distributed sound, and with 2N’s simple to set-up, simple to control NetSpeaker software; complex distributed audio systems can be achieved with ease, speed and significant cost / time savings.

2N NetSpeaker Central Management Software (free to download): The 2N NetSpeaker software administration tool provides a user-friendly GUI to allow central control and management of the simplest to the most complex multiple-site audio installation. Administrators have the ability to manage functionality of all NetSpeaker End Points on the system, create zones, set user rights, schedule announcements and media lists, plus much more.

NetSpeaker Scheduler NetSpeaker Control Software features an intuitive Scheduling function which allows for management of regular messages, announcements, safety information or advertising messaging – ideal for public access areas such as schools  transport terminals, shopping malls, supermarkets and sports centres, etc

*End-Point License Keys Please note that license keys will need to be purchased based on the number of IP End Points on the system.

View the Brochure PDF here.

Standalone End Point for voice and music streaming

With the 2N® NetSpeaker Lite, you get a comprehensive PA solution for schools, large complexes and commercial premises, which allows you to effectively broadcast advertising messages to any shop, even kilometres away. Thanks to central administration, you also have control of played content, and after dividing branches into zones according to your own criteria, you will be able to send different messages or music to each zone.

2N - Net Audio Decoder Lite- IP Audio Decoder End-Point

  • Product Code: 914013E

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