This new mixer-amplifier has a total output power of 350 watts RMS with 6 speaker output zones with independent volume control.

4 mic inputs, 2 line in, plus the built-in MP3 player (USB/SD) and FM radio make it very versatile.  3 year factory guarantee, a full suite of built-in protection (over heat, short circuit, RF, clip...) and the same audio quality and reliability we are getting used to make it an easy choice for public address, background music, paging and announcement systems anywhere.


1.    4 Mic. inputs, 2 line inputs, separate treble and bass controls
2.    6 zone outputs, each zone volume independently controlled.
3.    Built-in bell, the bell tone is optional, 4 tones .
4.    MP3 decoder module with USB / SD / Bluetooth / FM radio playback, and MIC recording function.
5.    When the built-in generator starts the background music will mute and 6 output zones will automatically turn on at maximum output volume function.
6.    24V DC power input (emergency backup power)
7.    MIC1- 4  48V phantom power with independent control switch.
8.    T-216 remote microphone can remote control zone output
9.    Separate master volume control
10.  LED status indicator display (signal, clip, protection LED indicator)
11.  Fan forced cooling system, to ensure reliability
12.  Five priority levels:
  1.         EMC has #1 priority: EMC alarm signal overrides all audio, 6 zone outputs open  automatically to full volume.
  2.         2nd priority TEL / REM MIC over MIC 1-4, LINE1-2, chime.
  3.         3rd priority built-in alarm generator priority over MIC1-4, LINE1-2, 6 zone outputs open automatically to full volume.
  4.         4th priority built-in chime over MIC1-4, LINE1-2.
  5.         5th priority level is MIC1 with priority over MIC2-4, LINE1-2.
13. Constant voltage output: 70V, 100V, constant impedance output: 4-16Ω
350 watt 100V 6 Zone Mixer / Amplifier. 230V AC

Ti-3506S Multipurpose mixer amplifier with 6 output zones

Amplifier Section(Load 100V Output)    
  Rated Output Power (THD 1%)      350W(RMS)
  Speaker Zone 1~5 Output              70W MAX
Mic Input Section   (Mic 1~4 In@1KHz)
  Input Sensitivity/Impedance       5mV 600Ω/350mV 10KΩ BAL
  S/N Ratio   Better than 75dB
  Frequency Response (±3dB)   80Hz~16KHz
  Tone Control (Bass:100Hz, Treble:10KHz)    ±10dB
  Phantom Power                + 48V
Line Input Section    (Line 1~2 In@1KHz)
  Input Sensitivity/Impedance    350mV/47KΩ
  S/N    Better than 80dB
  Frequency Response (±3dB)    80Hz~16KHz
  Tone Control (Bass: 100Hz,Treble:10KHz)    ±10dB
Tel Audio Input
   Input Sensitivity/Impedance  0.775V/10KΩ
  S/N   Better than 75dB 
  Frequency Response (±3dB)   50Hz~16KHz
EMC Audio Input    
  Input Sensitivity/Impedance     0.775V/10KΩ
  S/N          Better than 75dB
  Frequency Response (±3dB)        80Hz~16KHz
Pre Amp Out   (Mic 1~4, Line 1~2, Tel In, Remote In)    1V/600Ω
Remote MIC Sensitivity/Impedance   775mV/10KΩ
THD  Less than 0.1% at 1KHz, 1/3 rated power
Power Supply                ~230V/50Hz & DC 24V
Power Consumption     500W   
Weight                              7.8Kg
Dimensions                     484x310x88 mm


350w/ 100v Mixer Amplifier. 6 zone, 4 Mic, 2 Aux, MP3

  • Product Code: TI-3506S
  • U.O.M: ea
  • Price: $1,433.91 (GST Excl.)

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