The sweat resistant Aeromic Aerobics headset microphone is THE industry standard group fitness mic and features a Lo-Sensitivity capsule and an improved mesh screen to further protect it.

The sweat resistant Aeromic AM11H will deliver more voice loudness before feedback starts and is now more compatible with the entry price bodypacks from Shure and other brands. The new capsule also makes it easier to manage when using Digital Processors to control and shape the sound in a fitness studio or on stage, so everyone's a winner with the LS!

Other exclusive features:

  • The PhatFrame that can be molded to a firm fit for a wide range of head shapes and sizes
  • All-steel cable
  • A clear protective sleeve over the yellow boom arm
  • Four layers of sweat defence at the connector

You know we can't say it’s indestructible – but it’s the next best thing! Every Aeromic is hand-made by Peter Paisley and his team and is the only mic we know of that’s guaranteed for two years against sweat damage, even if it’s used for up to 7 classes a day 7 days a week. NB. This Offer is for AM11H-T4 Headset Mic only - arm pouches, pouchbelts and transmitters shown in photos are of the product in use and are not included in the cost on this page. Check out the packages for complete Group fitness wireless systems.

Industry standard sweat resistant group fitness headset mic

The Aeromic Aerobics headset microphone is THE industry standard group fitness headset mic for busy fitness gyms and Aerobics and Group Fitness classes.

It comes with a 2 year guarantee for 24 x 7 Aerobics Studios where you need a microphone that can survive the sweat and rigour.

The Aeromic headset microphone is compatible with many of the world's best wireless microphone systems and can have a connector fitted to match your system, plus we'll offer a 10% trade-in discount on your old microphone too, so call us today on 0800 4 edwards or 09 571 0551 to order

Aeromic - Aerobics Fitness Instructors Headset Mic

  • Price: $520.87 (GST Excl.)

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