This PA system package combines the best sounding portable PA system in New Zealand with a wireless microphone and speaker stand. The Chiayo Challenger 1000-D(BD) is fully featured, top quality, easy to use, reliable and this package includes a stand and handheld wireless microphone.

Perfect for any public address or speaking applications indoors and outdoors, with or without mains power - large rechargeable batteries built in that can power this for up to 10 hours at full power. With 150w output, it can cover hundreds of people and is easily heard across a playing field, school hall or courts.

At under 18kg and 500Hx350Wx300D(mm) it is a complete, self-contained, compact  PA system manageable by everyone. The built-in trolley makes transporting the system a breeze. The case is finished in black, extruded aluminium for a robust and quality appearance.

A Bluetooth receiver and .mp3 player/recorder is included along with a tripod speaker stand, weather cover and this package includes a hand-held wireless microphone.

it is ready to go straight out of the box when you receive it as we individually test and pack every system before sending it on the way to your door.

Complete Challenger PA system with Bluetooth and digital

These systems are high quality, powerful and run on both mains power and built-in batteries - suitable for music & speech for small or large groups (1000 Sq meters / over 350 people).

Very versatile and easy to operate, they are used in schools, shopping centres, corporate events and meetings, halls, outdoor events and demonstrations, sports fields and pool areas.

A Bluetooth receiver plays music from your phone, record speeches to USB (and also playback mp3's), wireless microphone receiver built-in with option to add more wireless mic receivers (up to 4) and/or a wireless repeater system. Extremely portable with the built-in trolley it is easy to move around.

You can also connect additional microphones, smartphones and portable music players as needed.

They are rugged and built to last with spare parts available if you do have an accident. This system is expandable and you can extend coverage easily by connecting extra speakers, or with the wireless repeater system which links to extension speakers up to 250ft/ 80m away.

Reliable, great sound, easy to use, NZ legal wireless microphone frequencies, guaranteed for 12 months, and we supply it all set up with batteries, charged and ready to use from the moment you get it.

Challenger 1000 with Mic, Speaker Stand and Cover

  • Product Code: C1DHH
  • U.O.M: ea
  • Was: $2,900.00 Now: $1,995.00 (GST Excl.)

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