The new U-Series SDR-5616 Receiver has a set and forget screwdriver channel setting and features a dual antenna diversity circuit for continuous reception with a reduced risk of dropouts.

The 16 channel selector is shown divided up into 2 groups of blue and red channels to assist you matching up with our MT-U8 Mini Transmitter A & B 8 channel groups.

Included with the receiver is the rack mount kit and two half wave length antennas as shown below, plus a jack to jack cable for connection to our Aeromix mixers and others. This is the recommended wireless system for the Aeromic, Cyclemic & E•Mic sweat resistant headmics used for fitness instruction.

AKA SDR-716-650..   The Manual is here.

Wireless receiver for SM716-650 and MT-U8 A and B

High quality wireless microphone receiver system designed for multi-use situations. Comes with the power supply, antennae, and handy rack-mounting accessories if required.

Fitness Audio SDR-5616 Wireless Mic Receiver

  • Product Code: SDR716-650
  • U.O.M: ea
  • Price: $346.96 (GST Excl.)

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